(Totally) Creative Concepts/Solutions for Community Needs literally sprang from a dream.

      In 1984 the founder of this collective enterprise, Gregg Dart, awoke with a business name [Creative Concepts] and a slogan [Solutions for Community Needs] suddenly present in his conscious mind. He also had a nom de plume [Gibson Clark] for future literary efforts, on his surprised lips.
Where do ideas come from? How do these thoughts shape our lives?
       From that moment of surprised revelation in 1984, until late 1985, no formal recognition of these dream-supplied portions of information arrived in print. By the end of 1985, after several recountings of the surprising nature of these ideas, Mr. Dart decided to purchase business cards, as tools for his start-up consulting service. The original company name, Creative Concepts, was also registered with the State of Oregon, as an assumed business name, and reserved for his usage in Marion County, with an additional investment of $2.
      Flash forward to 1987.
      While continuing to hold onto more stable sources of income gathering [chimney sweep and wood stove installer] Mr. Dart had also, sporadically, mainly by word of mouth referral, performed various vocational, mental health and career development services for public and private clients.These services were enjoyable, modestly well paid, and unreliable as a basis for solving major household monetary needs.
      Creative Concepts, while existing as a registered business name, was still more of a dream than a reality. In late 1987, a 'tickle file' reminder came to fruition: Time to renew the assumed business name and register the company with Marion County again. Mr. Dart proceeded to the registration office, to pay another $2, and was informed another company, a hair salon (no longer in operation) had reserved this business name.
      Ruefully, as Mr. Dart walked away from the counter, this sage piece of advice was directed his way: "Of course, you can keep your business name, if you add another word to it." Totally Creative Concepts was founded that day...

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